IBEW Supports the New England Clean Energy Connect

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers announce their support for the New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) power line from Québec to Maine. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts selected Central Maine Power Company’s proposed NECEC to provide clean, dependable hydroelectric power to Massachusetts consumers in support of the state’s environmental goals under its Global Warming Solutions Act. The IBEW welcomes the opportunities the project will create for its members during construction and for the lasting contribution to economic growth and higher employment throughout the region. 

“Our organization believes everyone benefits from investments in our energy infrastructure,” said Michael Monahan, Vice President of IBEW Second District. “The NECEC will offer good opportunities for our members with nearly 1,600 construction jobs during the peak years of work. With the additional management and professional jobs, plus indirect and induced employment, the project will support more than 3,000 jobs. Those will be especially welcome in the rural towns of western Maine.” 

The New England Clean Energy Connect transmission project was selected from among 46 projects offered to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in response to a 2017 Request for Proposals to provide up to 9.45 terawatt hours of clean energy annually for up to 20 years for Massachusetts utility customers. The NECEC includes the construction of a 150-mile, 230 KV Direct Current transmission line from the western Maine border with Québec to Central Maine Power’s Larrabee Road substation in Lewiston, Maine, and the construction of approximately 50 miles of 115,000 KV and 345,000 KV AC transmission lines in Maine. The project also includes the construction of what will be Maine’s first stations to convert direct current energy to alternating current to tie into the New England grid. 

CMP has filed for all state and federal permits for the $950 million project. The company expects to receive all the necessary permits to allow for a start of construction by third quarter 2019. The project is scheduled for completion by December 2022. The project has strong support from the host communities in Maine due in part to the benefits for Maine workers, communities, and utility consumers. CMP also recently completed the Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP), a $1.4 billion upgrade to the company’s bulk power grid in Maine. The MPRP produced broad benefits for workers and communities in Maine, which contributes to the support for the New England Clean Energy Connect project within the state.