New England Clean Energy Connect meets and exceeds all criteria set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to deliver clean, affordable, and reliable energy into the New England grid.


Benefit / Cost Ratio

NECEC's direct and indirect economic benefits far exceed the project costs.

GWSA Contribution

NECEC will reduce CO2 emissions from Massachusetts electric load by up to 1.4 million metric tons annually.


Project Viability

NECEC will employ proven technology, has broad community and stakeholder support and can be permitted in a timely fashion.



Central Maine Power has a proven track record of executing complex projects on time and on budget.


Site Control

Central Maine Power has end-to-end site control of the NECEC project route.



NECEC will deliver firm power from Hydro-Québec, even during peak winter and summer months and will strengthen the New England transmission grid in several important respects.


Transmission Cost Certainty

NECEC will provide transmission services at a fixed price.


Economic Benefits

NECEC will create thousands of jobs in both Maine and Massachusetts.


Environmental Impact

NECEC has been sited mostly in existing Central Maine Power corridors and has been designed to minimize natural resource impacts to the maximum extent possible.