Town of Moscow


"The Selectmen in Moscow, Maine write to you today in support of the proposed New England Clean Energy Connect project, being developed by Central Maine Power. We already have a corridor to Quebec through Moscow, moving lumber and tourists in both directions, so it seems a good thing to expand that to electricity!" 

Board of Selectman, Town of Moscow

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Sportsman's Alliance of Maine

"Our organization’s 8000 members spend time enjoying Maine’s abundant natural resources.  We believe that CMP’s proposal offers a reasonable hydro-power transmission route through Maine, taking advantage of existing infrastructure and we appreciate your efforts to avoid many scenic and special areas. "

- Sportsman's Alliance of Maine

Sportsman Alliance.png

Somerset County


"Over the past year and a half, a consortium of people related to the recreation and economic development industry has been meeting with CMP to identify ways the NECEC could contribute to our nature-based tourism industry here in Somerset County. [...] This is exactly the kind of collaborative work the Somerset County Commissioners are proud to engage in."

- County Commissioners, Somerset County

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Town of Durham


"Our town would welcome the opportunity to host this project as it would certainly bring local benefits to our community. We also support the effort to develop more clean energy resources and to allow a cleaner, energy future for our entire New England region."

- Board of Selectman, Town of Durham

Town of Durham.png

Town of Chesterville


"Chesterville has a power line that CMP owns and we appreciate the fact that our town is well served by Central Maine Power. We know that there are numerous proposals in front of you; that this proposal is the shortest route (from Canada); that is incorporates overhead construction methods and therefore it costs a lot less than some of the others you are reviewing. "

SelectBoard, Town of Chesterville

Town of Chesterville.png

Town of Woolwich


"Woolwich, Maine is a coastal town that welcomes a clean energy future, and we encourage any infrastructural improvements that promote clean energy. We salute you for moving ahead with procuring a large amount of clean power and we hope to be part of the regional solution. "

- Selectboard, Town of Woolwich

Town of Woolwich.png

Town of Pownal


"Pownal is supportive of an energy future that taps clean, renewable power. We understand the economic benefits this project would bring to both Maine and Massachusetts as well and the environmental benefits it would offer the entire New England region. This is a very good project, built largely in existing corridors to keep down costs for Massachusetts and impacts for Maine."

- Board of Selectmen, Town of Pownal

Town of Pownal.png

Town of Anson


"Anson would welcome CMP's Clean Energy clean energy pathway for many reasons. We believe in positive economic development and taking steps to ensure a clean, healthy future for the entire region. [...] Maine residents and business owners have been able to count on CMP for many years, and many of us have come to realize they are, indeed, a leader in the electric transmission industry. "

Board of Selectman, Town of Anson

Town of Anson.png

Town of Starks


"Their proposed New England Clean Energy Connect, which would go through Starks is a very solid proposal - in that it follows along an existing transmission corridor and the company is doing everything it can to avoid scenic areas and minimize environmental impacts."

-Board of Selectmen, Town of Starks

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