In August 2016, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed An Act Relative to Energy Diversity. The law requires utilities to competitively solicit proposals for 9.45 terawatt hours of clean energy generation from diverse sources, including firm hydropower and onshore wind supported by firm hydropower.

Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC) will save Massachusetts and Maine consumers hundreds of millions of dollars each year by harnessing Canadian hydropower and wind resources and transmitting clean energy into the New England grid. Central Maine Power proposed this project in response to Governor Baker’s initiative to reduce energy costs, enhance reliability and contribute to the state’s greenhouse gas reduction requirements.

The NECEC is New England’s most affordable solution to meet its clean energy goals. It provides the region’s most direct link to Québec’s vast clean energy resources with minimal impact to communities and the environment. Central Maine Power is one of the region’s largest utilities and a proven, experienced leader in building a stronger, smarter grid.

click the map to see the shortest clean energy path on the market.

click the map to see the shortest clean energy path on the market.

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New England Clean Energy Connect interconnects at Central Maine Power's Lewiston substation, one of the newest and strongest points in the New England Energy System. Central Maine Power completed a $1.4 billion upgrade to ensure reliable delivery of clean energy resources - on time and under budget. Click here to read more about CMP's upgrade to its bulk transmission system.


The development of clean energy and respect for our environment serve as the pillars for New England Clean Energy Connect's energy production model. The NECEC is a carefully planned route, and we have been given strong support from the host communities. Nearly three-quarters of the route, 73%, takes advantage of existing power lines.



Through careful siting and stakeholder engagement, NECEC has earned the support of the Maine governor, business leaders, associations, and communities along the project route.


NECEC will provide 1,600 jobs during construction on average annually through 2022, primarily in western Maine. Construction of NECEC will begin in 2019.