The New England Clean Energy Connect interconnects at Central Maine Power's Lewiston substation, one of the newest and strongest points in the New England Energy System. Central Maine Power completed a $1.4 billion upgrade to ensure reliable delivery of clean energy resources - on time and under budget.

The improvements were designed to keep the system operating reliably over the coming decades and to provide the infrastructure for the state’s emerging wind, hydro, biomas, and tidal energy industries. 

“I’m grateful to all of our employees and contractors who have worked for years to build a stronger, smarter grid for Maine," said Sara Burns, former president and CEO of CMP. "Thousands of workers and hundreds of Maine businesses have had a hand in this project over the past five years, and now we are in the homestretch. Their legacy will serve the region for generations.”

The Maine Power Reliability Project (MPRP) included the construction of five new 345kV substations, one new 115kV substation, and related facilities linked by approximately 440 miles of new transmission lines. The new facilities continue to reinforce the backbone of the company’s 40-year-old bulk power system and improve reliability. 

The MPRP is the largest construction project ever undertaken in Maine. The project employed more than 2,700 people at the peak of construction, and a 2009 economic impact study projected that the MPRP would create as many as 900 more jobs through indirect and induced employment.