Change is always difficult

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Central Maine Power is connected to the New England Power Grid. Through the years, several nuclear power plants have been decommissioned, including Maine Yankee. Also, some oil-fired power plants are off-line and are used only when there is a high demand for electrical power.

There have been proposals to build wind towers, solar panel farms and a dam in eastern Maine. All such proposals are opposed by various groups. Does the opposition have any realistic ideas to generate electricity?

Maine’s economy needs to grow, and electrical power plays a major role in order to create jobs and grow the state’s economy.

The proposed CMP transmission line will create good paying jobs during its construction. CMP has agreed to install broadband on the power line structures. Broadband is a high-speed communications network that creates a system for the transmission of signals such as voice, data or video. That will help many small businesses and residents in rural areas and other parts of the state.

The transmission line would help improve reliability for the New England Power Grid, which will reinforce Maine’s economy and help create more jobs. The communities that the power grid goes through will collect property taxes.

Change is always difficult, but people need to be willing to make sound decisions because we all want our children and grandchildren to stay in Maine and have good-paying jobs.

Richard Grandmaison, Lewiston