CMP project a big win

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Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy Connect project is a big win for Mainers. Think about it — the project will create 3,500 jobs at peak construction and provide clean air by using renewable hydropower.

The jobs this project will create are vital to our economy. Construction workers are constantly having to go out of state to find jobs. Good-paying jobs that will put food on the table for years are not easy to find. NECEC ensures steady work for construction workers for the next four or five years.

Keeping the work in Maine can only benefit the nearby towns where the work is being done. Mainers would prefer to spend their hard-earned money at hotels, stores, shops and gas stations in Maine. The more money that stays in our state, the better our economy.

What about high school seniors looking to get into construction? We talk about training these seniors in Maine colleges and then having them stay in Maine, but they need projects to work on.

NECEC also will make a dent on our electric bills to the tune of millions of dollars a year for decades to come. Whether it’s a major reduction or not, anything that brings my electric bill down works for me, especially since Mainers aren’t paying a penny for it.

We need to support this project. It’s an investment in our future which will put us in a better position both economically and environmentally for decades to come.

Melissa Hall