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by Richard Anderson

The analysis of the impacts of New England Clean Energy Connect will be weighed by the experts the people of Maine employ in the Public Utilities Commission, Department of Environmental Protection and Land Use Planning Commission. These decisions will not be political but rather based on the best scientific analysis on the impacts of bringing hydroelectric power into New England from the province Quebec. When these decisions are made, I believe they will allow for NECEC to proceed to completion.

Global warming will have massive impacts on our environment and all the plants and creatures that share our world. It is up to us to make the necessary decisions to minimize global warming. This project is part of the solution.

Strong regulations apply to building all power line rights-of-way. Power lines that cross brooks, wetlands and other important wildlife areas are very strictly regulated, and while there will be some impacts, the Department of Environmental Protection will require mitigation.

The positive effects on our Maine environment far outweigh any negative impacts, and at the same time, the project will save Maine electricity consumers money. Present producers of electricity oppose this project because it will likely reduce the price of energy they’re trying to sell us, which is mostly made by burning natural gas.